Lecturers/Teaching Staff

Sl No. NameDesignationEducationSubject for Teaching
1 Dr. Satyendra singhPrincipalB.Ed, M.Sc., M.Ed, Ph.DMath (32 Years experience in Govt B.ed College and University faculty of education dean)
2 Durgesh ShuklaLecturerB.Ed, M.A., M.EdHindi
3 Neeraj GuptaLecturerB.Ed, M.Sc., M.EdMath
4 Anamika RaniLecturerB.Ed, M.A., M.A. EducationHindi
5 Gridhar GopalLecturerB.Ed, M.Sc., M.EdBotany
6 Vivek KumarLecturerB.Ed, M.A., M.EdEnglish
7 Dr. Soharai RaiLecturerB.Ed, M.A., M.Ed, Ph.DEconomics
8 Jiwan Kumar singhLecturerB.Ed, M.A., M.EdGeography
9 Raghvendra kumar katiyarLecturerBP.Ed, MP.Ed
10 Kriti LalitLecturerB.Ed, M.A., M.Ed
11 AkshitaLecturerB.Ed, M.A.(psy)
12 Swarnim ShipraLecturerB.Ed, M.A., M.Ed
13 Khushbu kumariLecturerB.Ed, M.A.(psy)
14 Kumar VatsalLecturerB.Ed, M.A., M.Ed
15 Ritesh KumarLecturerB.Ed, M.Com., M.Ed
16 Murli ManoharLecturerB.Ed, M.A., M.Ed
17 KhushbooLecturerB.Ed, M.Sc., M.Ed
18 Dr. Ira kumariLecturerB.A., M.A., Ph.D.
19 Subhash kumarLecturerB.F.A., M.F.A.
20 Kalyani BhartiLecturerB.Ed, M.Com., M.Ed

Technical Support Staff(Librerian)

Sl No. NameDesignationEducation
1 Pravind KumarLibrerianBLIS, MLIS


Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his explanation is not found satisfactory the authority would expel him from the institution.