Rules & regulations

  1. Exchange of greetings with the members of the staff and among trainees in the college by saying “Namaskar” or “Good Morning” is encouraged.
  2. Trainees should maintain good progress and conduct which are pre-requisites for appearing in the university examination.
  3. If a candidate fails to turn up and report in due day/date with required certificates and amount of fees, his/her claim or candidature for admission also be rejected.
  4. A student admitted to the college must maintain anwthos of commitment to a professional programme.
  5. Trainees are expected to attend all classes to fulfill/maitain their required attendance i.e. 75%.
  6. If the trainee is absent either in the morning assembly/lecture session/college function will be marked absent for whole day.
  7. Applications for sick leave for more than one day should be supported by a medicl certificate from the registered medical practioner.
  8. No. leave will be granted during teaching practice.
  9. This is a co-educational institution bence singing, shouting, quuatteling or using vulgar expression towards any students will be considered a breach of discipline and will be dealt seriously.
  10. Ragging is strictly prohibited booth within and outside premises of the college.
  11. All academic rules and regulations of B.R.A. Bihar university must be followed by the trainees.
  12. Admission of a candidaate is provisional initially. it may be canclled if any discrepancy is detected in the relevant documents submitted by the candidate.
  13. Smoking or chewing of pan, Tobacco or any intoxicating thing is strictly banned in the college campus.
  14. If any parent/guardian need to meet with his/her ward, please meet the teacher educator/principal with prior appointment, they are requested not to inter into the class room directly as it may disturb the academic atmosphere of the class.
  15. In case of any dispute with the college/management the settlement will be made under the jurisdiction of muzaffarpur district court.


After successful completion of the course followed by university examination, successful teacher trainees will be awarded the degree of B.Ed. of B.R.A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur.