Shaheed Pramod B.Ed. College


Lab Facilities :

A). Science and Mathematics:

Science is not only knowledge but also an art .This art is explored, experimented and practiced in Science Resources Centre. Science cannot be taught effectively without testing. Experiment and demonstration of the scientific facts, Science Resource Center is the place and means with the help of which all these necessary activities can be performed smoothly and effectively. Math’s Resource Centre is the places where students can learn explore mathematical concept and verify mathematical fact and theories through variety of activities using different materials. These activities may be carried out by teachers or the students themselves to explore, to learn, to simulate interest and favorable attitude towards Math’s. These aims are fulfilled by Science, models and charts are prepared by the students and extended lectures are deliver educationalists.


In any scheme of study there should be a close integration of theory with practice. We have a curiosity to known intellectual level, interest, aptitudes, personality, adjustment etc. We can know such things about them through their measurement and this measurement is possible through relevant psychological tests. The college has a separate psychological laboratory which has sufficient psychological apparatus, tests, transparencies and CD’s which are related to various aspects of human development and teaching learning process for conducting psychological experiments included in B.Ed. Syllabus.


Well equipped with all modern equipments in the science Lab (Phy+Chem+Bio) Math Lab, social science Lab, Psychological Lab, Educational Lab, Music room, Art and Craft room and computer /ICT Lab with latest hardware and software facilities with internet access for the students to help them in practical work.

C). Computer Lab

We have one of the world class Computer lab in our college. with Wi-fi Connection. Each and every computer is on the based on latest technology. We have also technical sound background teachers. 

Wi-Fi Facilities :


We have 24 X 7 Wi Fi facilities in our college campus. As we know that in today’s time it is one of the most important component of the education. as we are one of the top college who providing technicaly sound culture. Today’s students will be among the first generations of Indians to work in a completely connected environment. We prepare them for the digital era with access to high speed internet in campus through Wi-Fi, in comparision to traditional weird internet and mail access.

Regular Workshop :

The STCE organises workshops for enhancement of teaching skills of future nation builders. The resource persons coming to college are experts of respective fields and have lot to share with our students.

Feculties :

Teaching faculty of the college is highly qualified, well experienced and highly devoted to their work. The faculty has the attitude to help the students. Apart from this the college also has some senior academicians from some of the best institutes in India as our visiting faculty.