Class Rooms

One classroom of minimum size of 500 Sq. ft (five hundred square feet ) for every 50 students.
(i) 1166 Sq.ft.
(ii) 1046 Sq.ft.
(iii) 952 Sq.ft.
(iv) 933 Sq.ft.
(v) 910 Sq.ft.
(vi) 904 Sq.ft.
(vii) 895 Sq.ft.
(viii) 895 Sq.ft.
(ix) 844 Sq.ft.
(x) 703 Sq.ft.
(xi) 600 Sq.ft.
(xii) 600 Sq.ft.
(xiii) 600 Sq.ft.
(xiv) 600 Sq.ft.
Multipurpose hall with seating capacity of two hundered and a dias with tital are of 2000 sq.ft. ( Two thousand square feet )2163.00 Sq.ft.
Library-cum-resource Centre3270 Sq.ft.
ICT Resource Centre with at least 10 computers with internet facility322.00 Sq.ft.
Curriculum Resource Centre ( with science and maths kits, maps, globes, chemicals, science kits, etc )(i) 624.00 Sq. ft.
(ii) 557 Sq. ft.
Arts and Work Experience / Resource centre(s)1141 Sq.ft.
Educational Toys Room1141 Sq.ft. (Iinclude Art & Craft)
Health and physical education room1037.00 Sq.ft.
Principal’s Office891 Sq.ft.
Staff Room826 Sq.ft.
Administrative Office421 Sq.ft.
Common Room ( separately for men and women student – Teachers )Woman 767 Sq.ft. + 322 Sq.ft. = 1089 Sq.ft.
Boys 548 Sq.ft.
canteen 1161.00 Sq.ft.
Store Rooms ( three ) 322+455+320=1097 Sq.ft.
Separate Toilet facility for men and women student teachers and staff out of which one should be or PWD117 X 10 = 1070 Sq.ft.
Visitors room393 Sq.ft.
Seminar room ( Composite Multipurpose Hall )2163 Sq.ft.
Instrumental music room with mirrors1141 Sq.ft. (Include Art & Craft)
Vocal music room with mirrors1141 Sq.ft. (Include Art & Craft)
Performing arts resource centre with mirrors1141 Sq.ft. (Include Art & Craft)
Dance room with mirror1141 Sq.ft. (Include Art & Craft)
Total built up area49508.00 Sq.ft.
Whether the institution has Playround / Games Facility / SportsYesNo
a.Area of play ground24225 Sq.ft.
b. Facilities for sportsYes
c. Facilities for gamesYes